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Facilitate Family Mediation offers a unique service seven days a week providing a dedicated mediation service to help separating couples to restructure their families without the added emotional pain and massive cost of going to court. Taking the right steps early on in the relationship breakdown can play a vital part in helping clients and their children adapt positively to the new roles demanded of them.

Facilitate is headed by Nevine Bentley who is a Resolution trained family mediator and a member of Resolution - formerly The Solicitors Family Law Association. Membership of Resolution commits family lawyer/mediators to resolving disputes in a non confrontational and constructive way designed to preserve people’s dignity, to put the best interests of children first and to encourage agreements. Nevine brings both this training and a background in law to give fair and balanced assistance to both partners in all aspects of divorce and separation including arrangements for children and finances.

Nevine is able to sensitively bring down barriers and encourage effective communication between separating couples and navigate them to explore options to find mutually acceptable solutions to the issues which remain unresolved between them. As your mediator, she will not take sides with either of you and will ensure that a balanced and level playing field exists at all times. She will guide each of you to get a less emotive perspective on your reactions so that you are really able to make the mediation sessions work for you.

Facilitate Family Mediation strives to provide a service which is both productive and cost efficient. Sessions normally last 90 minutes and take place in the tranquil setting of their offices weekdays from 8am to 8.30pm and Saturday and Sundays from 11am to 5pm. Please call us to find out more.

Your Mediator

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Nevine Bentley obtained her LLB (Hons) with the Open University as a mature student. She then went on to gain the prestigious Graham Rushton Scholarship to study for the Legal Practice Course (the final compulsory academic stage prior to becoming a solicitor) at the College of Law, before undertaking Resolution’s Mediation Lawyer training and qualifying as a Family Mediator.

Nevine has a unique blend of legal training as well as practical life experiences to draw from in helping her clients reach mutually acceptable solutions during this difficult time, and is qualified to undertake Mediation Information Assessment Meetings (MIAMs).

I can fully empathise with my clients. I went through divorce myself in 1999 after a long marriage with the needs of two children to consider. I appreciate from personal experience what a traumatic effect this has and how overwhelmed it makes you feel about the future. I know I can help each of my clients to meet the challenges they face by guiding them to find their own solutions and prepare them to leave the mediation process feeling positive and with a sense of achievement about their new future roles.

- Nevine Bentley

Nevine is a member of Resolution (formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association), The Family Mediation Council and a member of the Divorce Solutions Group.


Here are some of the kind comments that recent clients have said about their experience of the mediation process with Facilitate:

"I would like to say that you have been very helpful and I would recommend you without reservation to anyone."

"Thank you very much for your excellent support and guidance during the mediation, your calm manner and professionalism really helped me cope"

"You have been incredibly helpful and would like to thank you again"

"With many thanks as ever for your efforts on our behalf. I am sure you have made this much less painful and stressful than it could have been without your sensitive input"

"Thankyou Nevine for all your support and patience throughout our sessions. I know both found these sessions daunting and at times hard to bear , but you made things a lot calmer for us both. Thankyou"

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"Thanks Nevine, and for your understanding all the way through this difficult process."

"Please may I take this opportunity to thank you very much for all the help you have given - you have been so kind and patient during this process"

"Thank you for your time on Friday - you have made us feel very reassured, thank you."

"Nevine, I would like to thank you! I know we have not been the easiest couple to pull through the mediation route but on reflection I am so pleased you were recommended to us."

"Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to tackle the biggest problems by myself. I have greatly benefitted from it"

"Always a pleasure to refer [clients] to you Nevine!"

"You have such a lovely and calming personality it would be hard not to be at ease with you, in fact how you have managed to keep us both on track to come to the agreement I still don't know."

"we did make a lot of improvement in communicating and I feel we have made a leap forward just being able to sit in the same room and discuss our son's future."

"Thank you again Nevine. You have been fantastic"

"There are not many people my wife will trust, but you managed to build a trust from day one with her so well done to you."

"Thank you for guiding us so patiently through the mediation process"

"I appreciate how much we have saved financially, as I know if we had gone down the route of talking through solicitors, it would have been so much more of a painful and drawn out process"

"Thank you very much for making this possible. Without your patience it would never have happened. You spent so much time with us"

"Wow, you started work early today! I really appreciated it"

"I referred a couple to Nevine Bentley of Facilitate Family Mediation in Farnham. She worked wonders."

"Just wanted to thank you for seeing me at short notice and for your supportive words."

"Thank you for being so patient"

"Firstly thank you so much for last night's meeting I left feeling a lot more hopeful of a fair settlement."

"I really enjoyed our session"

"Thank you for all your help and assistance."

"Thank you for your patient and guiding hand"

"Thank you for your time and patience."

"Thank you Nevine. We couldn't have done it without you"

"Thank you Nevine for all this hard work with us."

Why Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential, constructive and cost-effective process to help couples find workable solutions to disputes which remain unresolved between them. It is a highly efficient alternative to litigation for couples who want to avoid lengthy and expensive battles through the courts and who would rather remain in control of how to manage their future than leaving it to their legal representatives to determine outcomes.

Relationship break-down is a difficult time for separating couples. It may not be easy for you to agree on financial and practical matters especially where children are involved. You may be confused and scared about the practicalities of parenting separately, wondering how the children will cope with the break-up and what the future arrangements for them will be. Your future finances, division of property and what options might be available are also going to be important factors for discussion.

By participating in the mediation process, the overall expense of the relationship breakdown will be dramatically reduced both as to cost and emotional trauma.

In the privacy of your structured sessions, your mediator using skills as a trained Resolution Mediator combined with a thorough understanding of family law, will act in a fair and balanced way to support you and your partner equally. Your mediator will assist you both to establish and maintain a good line of communication, to ensure that each of you gets an equal opportunity to raise issues of concern and to guide you both to find your own workable and sustainable arrangements to enable you to face your new future roles with confidence.

The mediation process relies on a willingness for you both to talk about coming to an agreement based on the understanding that you are jointly in charge of making decisions. Your mediator will control the pace and general direction of the sessions based on the issues that you both wish to discuss and will monitor progress throughout to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit from the process. Your mediator will offer impartial information on the legal framework and take charge of the information that both of you will need to provide.

At the end of the process when you and your former partner have reached agreement, your mediator will produce a legally privileged Memorandum of Understanding recording these agreements together with an open Financial Statement which is a record of your financial circumstances. These two documents will form the basis of a legally binding Consent Order or Separation Agreement.

For more information on mediation, please take a look at Resolution – what is mediation?

Children in Mediation

Liz McKellar Profile Shot

Liz McKellar FMCA is a highly experienced family mediator with her specialist field being direct consultation with children. Liz sensitively engages with children of separated parents to ascertain their feelings and wishes. This is particularly helpful to parents who are uncertain as to their proposed childcare arrangements once they are separated or perhaps where a conflicting view between them exists.

Liz brings over 12 years of expertise and has considerable success with the majority of children cases where the information she gathers can assist parents to better plan the future care arrangements for their children. Liz ensures that both the child and parents are properly prepared before a child is seen to ensure this high level of success.

As a seasoned presenter, Liz will be offering courses to separated parents throughout the year to enable them to co-parent separately in a more amicable and efficient way.

Liz is a member of Resolution, The Family Mediation Council and part of The Divorce Solutions Group.

Our Fees

We have a proven track record with a very high percentage of our clients successfully reaching settlement.

Your mediation sessions are a minimum of one and a half hours and the majority of couples achieve their objectives within 3 to 5 sessions depending on the complexity of their issues.

Mediation is an efficient and speedy process when compared to the lengthy advertorial litigation process involving each of your Solicitors taking instructions from one party, relaying them to the other party and awaiting a response to pass back - with costs mounting at each step for you both.

All session and document fees are shared between - halving the cost for each of you compared to going through lawyers.

We do not charge for routine telephone calls or emails and we assist you to prepare for each session in advance so that your time with us is as beneficial as possible.

A fast, confidential process with a proven high success rate at half the cost? Mediation through Facilitate should surely be your first choice!

For further information on fees please call us on 01252 720846

Frequently Asked Questions

Mediation or Litigation?

Much of your contact with your solicitor, if you instruct one, will be done by correspondence or telphone. By contrast, your contact with your mediator will be in person during the sessions. Unlike your solicitor, your mediator will not take the adversarial position that your solicitor needs to adopt so you and your partner both can have the confidence that the guidance and information that you are given is balanced and fair.

Mediation versus litigation costs?

Mediation sessions make it effective for you and your partner to find resolutions to your issues when you are face to face and your mediator is there guiding you both. Much ground can be covered during a mediation session compared to the legal fees that mount up by the sheer volume of correspondence generated between your advisors having to take your instructions, then contact your partner’s solicitor and then await a response from them.

Role of Mediator?

Your mediator provides a neutral forum where you and your partner each feel safe and confident that your concerns will be heard and where you are encouraged to bring into the open all those unresolved issues, however previously difficult and awkward to discuss.

With the guidance of your mediator, you will both have the opportunity to explore mutually acceptable resolutions Our offices offer a calm environment for each of you to consider these options and to evaluate between you and your partner those which will work for you both in the future.

Will the Mediator try and get us back together again?

No – the mediation process assists couples in separating as effectively as possible and promotes the ability of both parties to face their new roles in a confident and positive way.

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We have a number of offices across the country including Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire and Birmingham. Please call our central Head Office to arrange a session at a time a place to suit you.

Mediation in Farnham

Our tranquil offices are situated in an elegant Georgian building in the heart of the historic market town of Farnham. Easy parking is available within a few minutes walk at the Upper Hart Car park as well as on West Street itself.

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We are able to see clients at any of our offices across Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire and Birmingham. Please call our central Head Office using the details above.